Gaucho Electro Brunch: You had me at cow print

GAUCHO proving they are more than just a pretty steak!

So I am going to try my best to not be biased here because the Gaucho chain has got to be up there in my favourite restaurants (I mean have you been to the one in Richmond on the river?! Dreamy), but please trust in me when I say their Electro Brunch is not one to be missed! I myself have been twice and still recommend it regularly – even paid for my parents to go with their friends for a Christmas present.  No1. promoter over here.

Before I delve into the finer details I would like to just put out a public warning that my photos aren’t the best – put it this way, I was really enjoying myself and the bottomless drinks….

When : Every Saturday 11.00am-4.00pm
Where: Broadgate, Canary, Piccadilly, Sloane, Smithfield, Tower Bridge, Birmingham, Leeds & Manchester
Cost: £49.95 per person

Personally I have only been to Piccadilly as it is closest to me but you can guarantee a lot of cow print, leather and beaut interior with any of the restaurants. At this one they reserve a whole private floor just for the brunch goers!


Food time, so the menu is simple – as many dishes and as many drinks as you like in 2 hours:


They start off by bringing over these little pastries with with peanut butter dulce de leche… Yes… it is as fantastic as it sounds. We dipped, we spooned and we asked for more.



And from then on it’s pretty much down to you. We took the savory to sweet approach at first (but then ordered a final steak for good luck at the end) and between us covered off pretty much everything on the menu. None of the dishes are huge on purpose so you are looking at having probably around 5 each but they aren’t skimpy – you could full on order whilst still eating if you wanted to fit more in!

Winners for me:

  • Beans on toast – underrated classic
  • Steak and egg – I mean clearly they would do this well and steak at brunch will never be a bad thing
  • Fried Provoleta – I don’t even need to explain myself, it is fried cheese….
  • French toast – that peanut butter dulce de leche was at it again, stealing my heart over and over




I warned you the photos are questionable

Now if you cast your eyes to the right of the menu you will see the extensive drink selection also going on. Got a freak of a friend who doesn’t like Prosecco? Fear no more… we got beer, we got wine, we got Aperol and Bloody Mary’s! The beer is a very nice touch, I feel it opens up the invite to a whole new variety of people (hence why this was a perfect present for my dad: STEAK AND BEER).


Now if I haven’t sold you already on the fact this brunch is held in one of London’s most loved steak restaurants or by the incredible menu choices, then hopefully the whole DJ thing will seal the deal. The group shot below explains the atmosphere by the end of the 2 hour slot….


Now don’t be put off, this isn’t some rowdy crowd. We are talking about a room full of mixed ages and sexes, all dressed up for a classy affair and for the most part, your brunch afternoon will be seated and civilized. However, about 20 minutes from the end, when the DJ starts dropping 80’s dance floor classics, please be prepared that a middle-aged man might jump around in a circle of hen party attendees and he MIGHT take his top off. It was fantastic. For us most of the tables were up dancing in a big circle, including Nicole and me, but the boys took a more sit back & relax approach in their seats which is fully acceptable too! It’s a fun atmosphere even if you don’t feel like joining in!

I would recommend this brunch for:

  • A celebration, for example the fact it is a Saturday. Honestly it is so fun, make any old excuse for a special occasion and go!
  • Mixed groups – some brunches can be perceived as a bit feminine with their pretty plates and Prosecco boomerangs but this is different. There’s so much choice food wise and it is Gaucho. Men like Gaucho.
  • Party brunch fans – if I see “DJ” on a brunch page it automatically goes up in my books. You might not have noticed from previous posts, but Juti and I quite like a drink and night out…..

Added perk – the brunch is available in 6 restaurants over London hopefully meaning there is one close by to you!

Things to watch out for:

  • I guess if I have to be picky and say something bad, we are looking at a more pricey option here. At £49.95 adding a tip brings you up to over £50 pp (worth it).
  • And on the flip side, a DJ isn’t for all so keep in mind there will be music and potentially a lively crowd.


The brunch runs from 11-4pm so to get your full 2 hour slot do not book later than 2pm!

Now off you go, book a table HERE


We will finish with a photo stolen from Instagram and someone with a steady hand






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