Brunch? Booze? Drag? HOW DID WE MISS THIS

We’re so ashamed.

Haven’t you heard? There’s a new queen in town.

💃💅 Strictly Come Drag Queen 💅 💃


2 hours of free-flowing sass-pumping prosecco combined with towers of pancakes and some serious greasy breakfasts and a drag show!

The Breakfast Club have really nailed it with this one..Look at all the fun they’re having!

drag brunch
Photo creds @abill22

Some say a lot, we say, NOT ENOUGH!

The fun doesn’t stop after two hours though, no? NO, you also get 2 for 1 on prosecco and draft beer to keep the party going and flowing.

Sadly we missed out one this one Saturday a month of straight up laughs and boozing so Breakfast Club, MORE PLEASE…we didn’t get to join the party!

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