Pianoworks Brunch: A brunch with a twist

They’ve proved they’re as fun for brunch as they are on a Saturday night!

We were invited to try Pianoworks after making them our BOTM in May. Now when I say this was a brunch with a twist I mean in the restaurant and the dishes. If you’ve ever been to Pianoworks which hopefully you have and if you haven’t – you NEED to go!

Sam has been on a mission to get every soul in sight on the bandwagon and I can see why. First though, we have to admit..you guessed it..we were hungover but in all fairness it was because we were at Pianoworks the night before.

Who goes out to the same place they’re gonna brunch at the next day you ask? Fools like us who think they’re having a PG evening. My plan was to go to Lovebrunch and then be home by 9pm like I was last year (because I was blind drunk and being sick in a flowerbed at bank station) but I’M NOT BORING.

Thus, the damage caused by Pianoworks, was also cured by Pianoworks!

So we returned to the scene of the crime on what felt like the hottest day of the year ready to hit this brunch. Just because we were hungover didn’t mean we weren’t gonna go bottomless…WE ARE FUN (our friends are so lucky to have us)

For anyone who hasn’t been to Pianoworks, you can find them at:

113-117 Farringdon Rd, Farringdon, London EC1R 3BX – nearest station? you guessed it, Farringdon.

The venue itself is underground but it adds to the kind of live music venue vibe they’re selling. The only thing I could say is that it was a little cold. That could’ve been because we were dress for 27 degree heat and didn’t bring a jacket so yes – our fault but the air con was blasting. With this awful weather at the moment though you wouldn’t leave your house without one so you’ll be fine.


The main USP of Pianoworks is basically that they have a live band and you submit song requests via the napkins on your table. Submit a few though (like 30) to give your song a chance of being played….Shania Twain – you’re still the one.

So the first thing we appreciated was the ice cold water – obviously and then the fact that bubbles were prosecco and not sparkling wine.

Foodwise we got a variety and definitely enough for two people. The dishes range between £5.50 – £13 and bottomless prosecco or bloody mary’s are £20 however if you go on Sundays, you can get it for £15 or better yet: free.

Find out how here

Back to what we ate..well..have a look: Menu

Now you get what I mean when I said brunch dishes with a twist.







Let’s start with the Love me or Hate me Eggs Benedicts. – £9.50

Burford brown eggs poached, bacon, marmite, hollandaise sauce on an english muffin

We thought we be a bit daring, unsure why and I thought these were great! The marmite’s not too strong but you can definitely taste the twang. The eggs weren’t that runny but all in all a good dish!

Second on the list: The Full Works – £11.50

Burford brown eggs fried, pork and leek sausages, bacon, onion and potato hash, black and white pudding, beans.

Yes white pudding which is basically stuffing – why has no one thought of this sooner! What’s a hangover without a fry up. THESE SAUSAGES WERE FAN-TASTIC. We devoured the whole platter that was on our table just to prove it.

And finally we ordered: Not Big or Fat Greek Brekkie – £9.50

Greek yoghurt, wild flower honey, seasonal berries, granola.

My friend Kelly always said “who goes to brunch and orders granola” WE DO

We were promised by our hostess that it was quite photogenic and everyone needs one dish to make you feel semi healthy. This granola was good. Real good. Coming from Samantha the granola queen this was a lot and tbf I’m not usually a fan but I ate my fair share and enjoyed every spoon.

Whilst we were busy polishing this off, the band were playing some real bangers. Obviously this would most likely change every time you go but that makes it so much better. Swaying in your chair singing and swinging your sausages around.

Overall, we loved Pianoworks brunch nearly as much as their evening shindigs. However, my sister went last Sunday on our offer and said she had loads of fun so I blame our hangover (sorry!).

We would recommend this brunch for…

  • Big groups of boys and girls
  • People looking to go out out, because after brunch it’s not long until HAPPY HOUR!

We wouldn’t recommend this brunch if…

  • If you are super sensitive to the cold – but they do have booths!

Top Tip:

  • Take a jacket
  • And a hella lotta song requests

Thank you so much Pianoworks for inviting us down to try your brunch!

And remember guys if you want free bottomless prosecco for you and your party for Sunday, just quote SOCIALBELLES.


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