Brunch of the Month: July

Brunch club, Balls Brothers, Mayfair. never been, wanna go, someone come with me.

We’re all here happily brunching in 2017, but Balls Brothers are in livin it up in 2017.      In just three words I reckon I can convince you of why they are a worthy brunch of the month winner…

Bottomless Espresso Martinis.

Honestly why has it taken so long for a restaurant to offer this? It makes perfect sense – morning + coffee + breakfast!



There are a few around, but the Balls Brothers Brunch Club is currently available on Saturdays at their Hay’s Galleria and Victoria “establishments” (as they call them) from 10am till 3pm. If you have never been to one of their bars before the word establishment sums them up pretty well, they have a very traditional feel to them, a good sturdy Friday night spot – well Saturday morning spot now too!



I am banging on about the drink (also forgot to mention Aperol Spritz, Bloody Mary, Prosecco and Bellini MY WORD) but the food isn’t half bad either:

BB Menu

Strong selection right? Classic choices, reasonable prices, surely something for everyone on there. And if not, grab some toast and fill your stomach with bubbles instead!


If you have had the joy of brunching in one of Balls Brothers cozy little booths then let  us know, we’d love to hear how it was!

If not, see you there next Sat!


Congrats @Ballsbrothers you are our brunch of the month!

P.S. They also do an afternoon tea if you are feeling fancy! Look how pretty it is:


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