Dalloway Terrace: Brunching in a Summer Garden

Buttery French Toast so good it’ll make you weep

This brunch was in one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve seen so far.

You’ve probably heard of it and you’ve DEFINITELY seen it on Instagram, from the winter forest to it’s summer garden, Dalloway Terrace has been one of the restaurant’s we’ve been dying to go to.

If anyone has asked me where to go for a special birthday brunch with a few friends, there’s no way I wouldn’t recommend it.

So I did many stupid things before this brunch, 1. eating before brunch  – I should know better I know but my mum made her really great asian pork dish and I don’t say no to food.

Luckily, Dalloway Terrace does a fantastic french toast, but more on that later.

Another mistake was booking a brunch with a bottomless option on a sunday..which also happened to be sunny….you see where this is going.

So first lets start with the vibe:

Located in the terrace of the Bloomsbury hotel, this is truly a glamorous location for a brunch. I’d say it’s definitely the type of brunch you could turn down if you “weren’t dressed up enough” – well I could at least.

come on now

and in winter?

dalloway winter.jpg
Just stop it

So yes very much our vibe I won’t lie and the lighting was naturally fantastic.

I was quite dressed up for this, let’s see if I can find a photo..

Obviously I can

act natural

So lets move on to the food and fizz, the good stuff.

dalloway menu

Firstly, prosecco was great, I appreciate a fab flute and a fab flute they had but it’s not cheap. Prosecco will set you back £30 for bottomless and although this is the price of a lot of bottomless brunches in London, you’re paying for the setting…and it’s not like you’ll be there all the time..oh you will? Sorry baller.

How fab

And for food, as I said, I’d already eaten so I opted for french toast and thank god I did. I’m more of a savoury girl myself but no regrets, this buttery goodness was DIVINE.

Hey baby

Other dishes featured on our table were:

  • Shakshuka with chorizo
  • Severn & Wya Smoked Salmon on Guiness Brown Bread with poached eggs
  • Truffle fries – yaaaaas

The shakshuka was definitely wholesome and that extra chorizo well, where there is extra chorizo, always add chorizo.

The poached eggs were so round and so round a perfect and I was reassured all dishes were deeeelicious.

Second time round I’d probably try:

  • Rainbow Acai Bowl – probably visually pleasing
  • Ham Hock with Panko poached egg
  • Dorset Crab on toast






Overwhelming we know.

They also have a lift with a cocktail sign on it… AVOID AT ALL COSTS. THIS DOES NOT LEAD TO THE BAR!

We ended up at some strange class but luckily the door didn’t open. Sorry to the random woman who got dragged into our lift – we’re very excitable after bottomless on a Sunday.

But the cocktail bar downstairs was quite the find!


In total we spent between £50-55 with service charge so this brunch isn’t a cheap one considering you only get one dish

You need to get to Tottenham Court Road Station and its a 5 minute walk from there.

Everyone sits in the terrace unless you want to sit outside, so don’t worry!

I would recommend if…

  • You’re looking for a really special brunch – definitely a cute one for the fam
  • You’re feeling a bit yolo with the bank account

I wouldn’t recommend if…

  • You aren’t feeling yolo with your bank account

Top tip:

  • Book in advance, like a lot in advance, especially for saturdays
  • Don’t get in the cocktail lift
  • Book the afternoon tea too (the cups look cute)


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