Coppa Club: Brunching in a Cabana 

A perfect summer brunch!

As we mentioned in our TOTA post, we had Coppa Club booked to brunch in their cabanas before the London Bridge attacks happened so the day finally came for our rearranged cabana experience and it was a delight.

First off let’s discuss the cabana as it really is the USP for this brunch. I will admit, I tried booking online and it was fully booked so we only had the walk in Cabana space which was slightly tight but once the lovely French girls next to us left, we could get a little more comfortable and thank god since we had a lot of food. The cabanas are also fully covered so if you’re worried about rain, absolutely don’t be, you will stay bone dry and it has a heater so they’ve really thought about all possible weather outcomes.






As expected, I found a time out offer for our brunch so it would be stupid not to get it in my opinion. So what was the deal?

£15 will get you…

  • White peach sangria
  • 1x brunch dish off the menu
  • And a cafetière

Now although this seems like a sweet bargain which it was, Coppa Club isn’t actually that pricey and the whole meal would’ve probably only cost £3 more – can you believe it!

So what did we get I hear you ask, well this was ideal because everyone got different dishes and those obviously make for the best Instagrams…

Let’s start with drinks

2 white peach sangria’s, one hella cuppa mocha and a lean green smoothie.

Anyone claiming their restaurant has the best coffee well, if it’s not in a mug the size of your face like Coppa Club, you’re doing it wrong.


of course
Biggest mug of mocha known to man
Baked Eggs and Chorizo, tomato and roast pepper Ragu, greens, toast & labneh
pancakes with bacon and maple syrup
Skillet Breakfast
Smashed avocado & Poached Eggs
Salmon Benedicts on waffle

Overall I would definitely recommend Coppa Club as a brunch you need to visit before the summer is over…although winter should hopefully bring back the igloo’s!

I would recommend for: 

  • A brunch at the end of the month when money is a bit tight. The food and atmosphere is fantastic for the small price you have to pay. You could probably eat for about £20 with one alcoholic drink
  • Special occasion

I wouldn’t recommend if:

  • hard to say but maybe if you don’t like people watching you eat. I’m not saying it happens the whole meal but I definitely made eye contact with a fair few restaurant diners through the window…but don’t worry, they’re probably just jealous

Top tip:

  • Book in advance and for at least 6-8 so you can have your own cabana
  • Look cute
  • When they ask you if you want waffle or muffin, pick waffle.


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