5 ways to know you’re Friends with a Foodie

Everyone knows foodies make for the best kind of friends.

#01 Pre-dining restaurant research is extensive: look that up.gif

Glorious mouth-watering photos and rave online reviews are pelted at you on group chats, and the menu is dissected with the in-depth analysis of a college book report. The location and potential meeting points are planned out like military operations to ensure a stress free pre-dining experience as time to devour as much food as possible is extremely precious.

#02 The calendar is searched frantically for a free date:calendar.gif

No one wants to go eating alone, so finding the best slot in everyone’s busy schedule is a crucial component. Be prepared for numerous time slots and dates to be thrown in front of you to make a quick decision before the restaurant runs out of tables for you to book.

#03 The menu will be under their control: i got this.gif

So you’ve finally made it to the restaurant and have been handed the menu. Expect a helping hand in your dish choice from your foodie friend, who is at all times considering what the most aesthetically pleasing dishes will be for the Instagram shot they will inevitably be taking. Want beans on toast? Not a chance, you’re probably better off with a an avocado and watermelon salad my friend.


Your food has finally arrived and it looks so good! You’re just about to tuck in and cherish that first bite of glory… Nope. Don’t even think about it. You’re not allowed to touch a single crumb on that plate until all the dishes are pushed perfectly together in the middle of the table and until the lighting is juuuust perfect for an Instagrammable photo. Resist the temptation to devour that dish. It might have taken a while to get to this point, but you have one more Foodie Friend hurdle to leap over.

#05 The Photo: photo.gif

Pretend you’re texting someone with your head down as your Foodie Friend jumps onto the chair to take the famous birds-eye view shot. The money shot. The photo that will be raking in the Instagram likes. This is the winner. But the wait is now over. Dig in. You deserve it.




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