Go Big or go home

BIG EASY: We review the ridiculous unlimited BBQ and bottomless brunch…

This is definitely one for the boys or girls with hearty appetites like us! Be warned you are about to witness a serious heap of food – enough to make you sick. So Big Easy is the brunch we are all here to talk about today and what can I say, it was certainly BIG.

Lets start with the menu:

big easy menu

Yes you are reading that correctly, for all you BBQ and drink lovers, that’s unlimited choice of three drinks (we actually had 4 because frozen mojito’s were also included) and then you could get unlimited BBQ!!!


I know, unbelievable and you don’t have to stick to one drink, you can mix and match so thee potential to be absolutely wrecked is absolutely right up there. But the sad news is they do cut you off 15 mins before which is a bit annoying since most bottomless brunches give you the full time but no love lost, I was nearly sick of drink and food by the time they cut us off.

We all got The Big Pig Gig which was delightful. The ribs were my personal favourite but the sausages and pulled pork were on point. It also came with some freaky like really dense cakes which now scrolling up to the menu, I realise is corn cake (wasn’t for me) and these fries – very much for me. THESE FRIES WERE THE PERFECT COMBINATION OF CRISPY AND FLUFFY.  I loved them.

+ BBQ beans and some slaw


Yes that is a bin lid

Shamefully we didn’t even finish one round but it was HUGE – I tried to make my money back on chips and drinks naturally which for just under £30 is pretty easy.

Short and sweet but lets round it up.

The vibe

Busy and in my opinion relatively casual but a few people were celebrating a birthday so were slightly dressier so really depends on the occasion, I won’t e rocking stiletto’s myself any time soon.

I would recommend it for…

  • Boys brunch

I wouldn’t recommend it if…

  • You love salad

Top tips:

  • Arrive on time
  • Make sure at least 4 people order prosecco and they will leave the bottle on the table (always so much better)
  • I would get a few people to order some of the Lobster fest options so you have the best of both worlds since the BBQ is unlimited

So thanks for having us Big Easy! You’ve certainly set the bar high for value for money and BBQ goodness.

J 💋

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