Burgers for days 

Honest burger: Burgers at brunch? Brunch in a burger? Ok then.

Kept it lowkey this time and went to Honest Burger in Tooting. What? You didn’t know they did brunch? Well neither did I until I was walking back from the station and the word BRUNCH was plastered across their windows and then they had me hooked so we FINALLY got to go.

As you know I love my sleep and this brunch finished at 1.30pm – because technically I guess after 12 it’s just lunch but seriously, who wants to be up for 11am on a weekend to have an actual brunch sitting. Anyway, we had to for Honest but I wasn’t mad since…wait for it… I was not hungover! Which is good because I had to go all love island on Tommy’s legs – make of that what you will.

So menuwise it was pretty simple:


Most of us opted for the brunch burger but I convinced Vicki it was a good idea to get the Honest Brunch because someone has drawn a sketch on the wall and it looked right up her street, and also would’ve made for better photo’s naturally.



Let’s talk about the drinks, other than tap water it was iced tea and lemonade and they came in those jars which everyone loves. The ice tea was really nice but just make sure you give it a good mix because it can taste a bit bland but once the lemon was fully involved it was a sweet treat. No alcohol this week as I had been on antibiotics for a tooth which is now gone (RIP to the girl I used to be).

In the burger was:

  • Beef patty
  • Bubble and squeak
  • Smoked Bacon
  • Red Leicester
  • Garlic
  • Mushrooms
  • Ketchup

+ Rosemary chips

Kamaal ordered extra wings stupidly because 1. They weren’t spicy and 2. He was full BUT more for me so I’m not mad. I love me some chicken wings.

Overall, the burger was prettay nice! I’d say maybe an overall 8.2/10 and I discovered a new love for bubble and squeak so a great experience for me. I mean how can you be mad about a breakfast in a burger..like seeeeriously.

We arrived at around 12.15/12.30 which was lucky since the restaurant was empty when we arrived and then around 12.45 more or less full. So if you are looking to go, definitely make it before the 12.30 burger rush as the kind soul Adam from the press team advised.

Vicki’s Honest brunch came in a kind of baking tray type plate which I appreciated a lot because it’s also then much easy to scoop the beans up at the end.

Overall I’d definitely say it was a successful brunch, casual, but successful.

The vibe

  • Casual casual casual as with every Honest burger joint

We would recommend for…

  • Last min brunch

We wouldn’t recommend for….

  • Vegetarians although there is an option but come on

Top Tip:

  • Get there before 12.30

Hope this helps anyone considering going to Honest for brunch, I’d say it’s definitely worth it for you burger lovers.

J 💋

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