Stay Sexy London

Sexy Fish: A brunch featuring Sexy eggs, Sushi, and the most delightful desserts.

I’ve seen a lot of brunch parties popping up on my emails, facebook, texts, everything. But when I heard SexyFish were doing a brunch month, well let’s say that it certainly made me forget about my lack of funds in my account since I hadn’t paid last month.

So the brunch month meant that SexyFish were hosting a brunch every Sunday in June, with a brunch menu and different Dj’s on each date. Sadly we missed the date with Nick Grimshaw but me and a few girls from my old job at the Hilton managed to book June 11th.

AS PER USUAL, I was hungover. I do actually sound like a broken record but I mean I can’t help it, the party life chose me and luckily this time round, it was actually feeling some fish.

If any of you have been SexyFish before you’ll know its a pretty classy establishment. I mean like I wouldn’t rock my most expensive Louboutins (if I had any) to a brunch sitting but you wanna make a bit of effort to look nice/ in my case, look like you were someone who could afford a ridiculously expensive brunch on an overdraft bank statement.




I say ridiculous but I mean I’m talking in the £50-60 mark which ain’t cheap.

Find the menu here:

The waiter advised that it was very sharey so we ordered and we shared trust me….

Fried / Tempura Asparagus and Sweet Potato
Tuna Tartare (yes that toast is in the shape of a fish)
Salmon and Avocado Maki
Some Edamame and Salt and Pepper Squid
Chicken Wings and Beef Skewers
Sexy Eggs with Tuna and Avocado (yep with crab shaped black muffins)

Quick pause whilst you take that in and prep yourself for the desserts I’m about to show you.

Now we all agreed that we would share two desserts and then that went straight out the window when the menu arrived.

I tried to force everyone to share the cheesecake with me but apparently strawberry and salted caramel popcorn on a vanilla cheesecake didn’t tickle anyone’s fancy…. I KNOW…WTF.

So I had to settle for Green Tea Waffles, because I was not about to spend £22 on a cheesecake sharer for 1.


Milk and Cookies, Honeycomb Icecream, Green Tea Waffles with Japanese Syrup, Pancetta and Blueberries, Cinnamon Donuts with a jam dip.

I know green tea waffle sounds freaky but honestly, I was in awe.

They were utterly DELICIOUS

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about the arrival of desserts…..ever.

and naturally we did not finish it all because we should’ve got two to share like initially planned.

The vibe:

If you follow us on instagram then you would’ve heard the type of music they were playing. Certainly a few toe tappers let me tell you. I’d say the music was one of the best for the type of event they were hosting and we enjoyed a sing-a-long or three.

The price:

You won’t get away with spending less than £50 I reckon with service to be substantially full. But it’s so worth all the cute fish shaped items. Attention to detail is key.

Who would SexyFish be good for?

Anyone willing to pay that tiny bit more for a seriously good meal

I probably wouldn’t go if…..

You didn’t like fish/sushi/asian food however – we took jade who is the most basic eater and she left happy

Top tip:

when ordering the Green Tea Waffles, make sure you have your camera rready for it’s arrival because the waitress will smother it in syrup and you’re gonna wish you got a boomerang.

So as you can see, I fully recommend SexyFish. Apart from the fact that I couldn’t afford it at the time, I’d put it up there with one of my favourite brunches in London.

Hopefully they bring their brunch back for another month? PLEASE

and ofcourse

Stay sexy guys

J 💋





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