TOTA-lly Great

TOTA: Casual, friendly and won’t leave you disappointed.

So unfortunately we actually had Coppa Club booked in last Sunday but due to the awful terrorist attack in London on Saturday evening, they understandably shut the restaurant the next day. But every cloud had a silver lining and no Coppa Club meant we got to try a local brunch in Tooting, TOTA.

I say local because Vicki and Dan have recently moved to tooting with is ideal for me as I’ve heard they have a busy brunch scene – YAS. So after getting getting the train from Tooting Broadway to Stockwell and then getting an email to say that the restaurant was wasnt open we decided to go somewhere closer to home so we only had a 5 min walk before entering a food coma.

Now what is there to say about TOTA, well firstly, its made the Evening Standard top 50 brunches in London so if that isn’t a reason to try it then I don’t know what is. Also it’s super trendy from the outside and very close to Tooting Broadway station –  convenience is absolutely key.

We were all HANGIN…and hanging means that there was a 94% chance that we were gonna order way too much food which 100% happened.

So what did we order you ask? Well….where do I begin?

tota brunvh

Drinks, always start with the DRANKS:

  • Strawberry and mango smoothie x3 – in those jars that all smoothies should come in
  • Flat white – obviously me because then I just steal a bit of everyone’s drink and it’s two drinks for the price of one.



  • Fish cakes with spinach, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce with a side of baked mac n cheese
  • Sausage sandwich on sourdough
  • Steak Ciabatta with fried onions, side of mac n cheese
  • Full English with extra hash browns and a side of onion rings.
  • Eggs Royale







that’s obviously not wine – strictly h2o

Now the onion rings were not your typical onion rings, they were more like crispy onions like a cross breed between normal onion rings and the crispy onions you get on the salad counter – DIVINE.

The Mac n Cheese was also on point and if you like fish cakes then 100% get these, I don’t recommend for a hangover however.

You don’t need to dress up for a TOTA brunch, as I said we were super hungover so we looked at best a 5/10. The vibe is very friendly and casual and the service is also top notch – bound to put a smile on your face!

We recommend for:

  • group brunches
  • chilled brunches

I probably wouldn’t go if:

  • you’re being boring

So give it a go and let us know what you thought!

J 💋

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