A seriously well #LIT brunch

Bluebird: Blooming brunch but no take away’s allowed.

So I have wanted to try Bluebird for a while so naturally I decided to book it after a heavy night of drinking….when will I ever learn.

Luckily it didn’t rain so strolling through the streets of Chelsea in sun will put you in a pretty pleasant mood. Be warned, the stroll is very long if you are travelling by public transport. We got an uber from South Kensington station as hangover = spend as little time on foot as possible.

So the restaurant is split into two sections kind of. If you have booked the brunch online there’s no need to queue outside because your booking will be in the restaurant which is straight up the stairs by the elevator covered in blossoms. you can also order food outside but on a sunny day there might be a slight queue and be prepared for slightly slower service. Both parts of the restaurant however, are seriously cute.


So once you are in you see the famous bar which features in many an episode of #MadeInChelsea and then the main restaurant behind. Now I dunno know about you, but I’m feeling 22 sorry no. I don’t know about you but I LOVE a restaurant which tries to convert as many tables into booths as possible and Bluebird have a hella lotta booths.




And let’s all take a second to appreciate the lighting in this restaurant…

*pause to appreciate*

No seriously, I have never seen leftovers look so good. I would share photos however my phone had no battery as naturally I didn’t think charging it was necessary in my drunken state and I can’t seem to find it on anyone else’s phone but oh my lord, that lighting would make roadkill look cute #rip.

Bottomless is not an option here and I wouldn’t recommend it if you are tight on the cash towards the end of the month or hungover. I ended up forking about £35 for a coffee, 4 fish cakes, half a chicken caesar burger and about 15 chips. My fault albeit but I mean if you’re gonna charge me another 12.5% service I would at least expect something to take the other half of my burger in.


God, I could really do with eating that right now. #sad

However the taste of what I did eat was really great. Between us we ordered: (all four of us getting the 2 courses for 25)

  • 2x Pancakes
  • Fishcakes
  • Poached eggs on smashed avocado

To start

  • New Yorker  eggs, pastrami, rye, and pickled cabbage
  • Chicken caesar burger
  • 2x Steaks
  • Extra chips – absolutely unnecessary and I watched them all go in the bin anyway

For course numero 2


  • 2x Flat white
  • Lots and lots of water – obvs
  • Watermelon juice – divine

to stay hydrated.








Find the menu here.

The steak was small but nice and more than enough considering the state we were in. I would be a bit careful if you don’t like blood in your steak as my friend Vicki ordered medium and found it a bit too bloody for her liking…more for me though 🙂

The flat white however was good and surprisingly I also really liked the New Yorker.

I would talk about my burger but it’s a touchy subject.

Anyway the overall experience was good but do not go hungover and do not leave leftovers. I’m not in a mad rush to go back for brunch but I would definitely go again and I will definitely be back for some drinks in the Sun asap!

I would book bluebird for:

  • A special occasion

I would not book bluebird if:

  • You are planning to get drunk and get the most for your money – leave this to the bottomless brunches.

Book a table here!

Well I hope you liked this post, remember to share and comment what you thought and hopefully next time I would’ve learnt not to get stupid drunk and then try to stomach a glam brunch the next day.

Ciao for now!

J 💋

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