All Fired Up

FIREDOG: A meze bottomless brunch, 14 courses and seriously cool cocktails.

It is safe to say this breakfast meze menu certainly got us hot under the collar!

After naming Firedog as brunch of the month, we decided it was time to trial this wonderful Aegean-inspired restaurant that has been filling  Instagram feeds. A mix between Greek and Turkish food served in a 14 course meze style, there is plenty going on…almost enough to forget that Avocado is strictly banned from the whole restaurant – brunch blasphemy!

Firedog Brunch

There is the bottomless menu in all it’s glory.

Quite long isn’t it….

Will give you some time to read….

Right, now lets FIRE out some facts:

Location: Fitzrovia ( I walked from Tottenham Court Road)

Price: Only 30 bloody pounds?! Wouldn’t even get a bottle of Prosecco for that in most restaurants

Summary: A wonderful variety of plates, that will have you mixing feta cheese, lemon curd and edible flowers in your mouth. Certainly flavorsome, but choose your company wisely as there isn’t loads to go around!

Firedog 6

Rocking up on a Saturday afternoon, the restaurant was relatively busy on the entrance level giving a fun atmosphere – casual but cool. I was just meeting a friend to catch up/ get drunk and it was the ideal environment. If you explore downstairs to the toilet, the actual place is massive, would be keen to try it out one eve for drinks/ dinner. I only booked a couple of days in advance so not need to stress about getting a table.

Firedog 9

If I was to summarise my eating habits in one word it would be “Picker”. I love a selection and the option of going back for more, so from first glance this menu/meze style was a dream for me.

Firedog 2

However, if I was allowed 2 words to describe my appetite I would probably go with “Massive Picker”, so for Little Miss Greedy over here the serving was on the small side. The above was for 3 people, meaning it is more of a grazing lunch rather than a full blow out which you experience with some bottomless brunches. This of course is not always a bad thing, normal people don’t like to always eat themselves to the point of exploding – and it leaves more room for Prosecco hehe!


The mix of food and flavors was fab, everything was a little different to normal. The cheese had strawberries and grapes in it, the eggs included a little bit of spice and then there was just this lemon curd that everyone was a bit like hmm dunno where this goes. FYI lemon curd can, and should, be eaten with sour dough or even halloumi, don’t be restrained by social norms people.

The small plate presentation not only takes a good photo, but is perfect for situations where the emphasis isn’t necessarily on the bulk of food, but more the company! A cucumber stick dipped in Tahini causes much less disruption to your 10 minute “man rant” than taking time out to scoff  the usual brunch burger!

Bonus points

These phenomenal cocktails – honestly upload one of these snaps and just watch the likes roll in. They even offer a slightly riskayyy one which involves a line of white sherbet and a rolled up note, which produced a few shocked direct messages on snapchat for me!

Firedog 10

Firedog 8

So go on, be a sheep, follow suit. Get down to Firedog for their notable brunch, tick off a box on the bucket list with a candyfloss cocktail and hopefully get a selfie with a Made in Chelsea star whilst you are at it.

GO GO GO – Book Here

But don’t be crazy, obviously choose your food days in advance here


S 💋

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