Ooh Mama you Makan me Smile

Mama Makan: The best brunch buffet in Amsterdam.

As we mentioned in our last post we recently went to Amsterdam to get super fucked up in the glorious sun at Musicon. But let us just tell you about the double beaut hotel and brunch.

So against our will and sensible judgement we agreed to fork out £200 a night for this glorious newly opened hotel – The Hyatt Regency. In what world could we spend that amount on a hotel per night you ask? In no world. It still hurts us a bit when we think about it because that is how living the glam lifestyle on a broke bitch bank account can swiftly turn into living on the street. 



We wish we were being dramatic but times are seriously tough right now #comeonpayday.

Anyway back to this glorious hotel. Once we came to terms with it we did however manage to get over it very swiftly and let me tell you, coming back from a festival and knowing you can take a double shower, yes, DOUBLE in your clean hotel room and then get all snuggly in your dressing gown knowing you will wake up to a full on breakfast buffet….well that happiness my friends, is priceless.

So let’s get to the foooooooooooood and we must say, impressive drinks buffet #bravo.

The breakfast food menu was split into a full buffet option, light buffet option and eggs menu. As we had it included with the room we went to town my friends.

You can have whatever you want, as many times as you want

Oh mama you know the way to my heart

I can’t begin to describe the amount of food we ate but let’s just say it included:

  • 2x Eggs benedict
  • 3x Waffle portions
  • 1x Eggs florentine
  • 1x baked egg with sausages and spinach

With aside of these sweet things:

  • Grilled grapefruit with brown sugar
  • A cremebrulee style yoghurt
  • 8 assortments of bread
  • Serious granola
  • Endless fruit
  • More sausages
  • Tear and share Doughnuts
  • Cheese board yaaaaas
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Lil cakey canapés





But what really got us was…

The drinks buffet

Since going out with Aisha, she has literally woken me up from a dying hangover at 10am – I know, this should be illegal, to source a drinks buffet. So when we don’t physically have to leave the premises it’s a win win. Drumroll please …..

  • Fresh OJ, AJ, GJ (grapefruit juice)
  • Water with cucumber and lemon ( I thought the gate did good but cucumber and lemon)
  • Berry smoothie
  • Yogurt smoothie with honey
  • Every tea under the sun
  • Hot chocolate, cold chocolate

And they were served in large vases on a bed of ice (wish I got a pic of this)

As you can see we area MASSIVE fan and we will definitely come back once we can afford forking out £200 p/n again. I mean you can just go for breakfast but where’s the fun in eating to much and not having a room to nap in after.

So bravo Mama Makan for doing Indonesia proud in Amsterdam with your ridiculous brunch.


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