G’s – a really nice place 

G’s Jordaan: Drizzy drake, 16 types of bloody mary’s and stacked pancakes.

After a VERY heavy weekend in Amsterdam and suffering a severe Jamaican hangover we are finally ready to talk about the serious brunching we did on our first weekend away.

We did a lot of research on where we should brunch since we only had three days, one being attending Musicon fest and then we found G’s.

Once on their quirky website the homepage reads

An eclectic hot mess of love, lust, hunger and thirst

Now doesn’t that sound wonderfulllllllll

So they actually have a few G’s dotted around dam; jordaan – nearest the station and De Pijp, one being a brunch boat because I mean you are in a city covered in canals, why wouldn’t you have a brunch boat if you could!


How bloody G is this brunch boat then ey?

We picked Jordaan just because we were coming straight from the airport and the walk would’ve been lovely had One of us (Juti) not decided to buy new trainers which were slightly too tight so 18 mins felt like an hour plus 4 ingrown nails sorry..too much info, but it hurt…a lot.

Like all of Amsterdam the dress code is chilled and casual. The cafe itself is very small but with a lot of character but you don’t need to be dressing up for this.

Here are some reasons why you NEED to go if you are in Amsterdam….

The menu’s come on records:


The selection of 16 Bloody mary’s is just something else:

This is the Bloody Ridiculous  – jus sayin

They serve pancakes that are an inch thick with a side of Booze:


The table cloth is a comic strip:


This white dog:

Who’s is it? We don’t know but it’s a frequent visitor and it’s dead cute

On top of the face that the food was delicious and they serve this mad warm cheesy avocado and bacon dip for their bread:


We don’t only love the menu but G’s is constantly trying to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to brunch innovation. They have their one of a kind boat and they know that sex sells and aren’t scared to be daring, well how can you be in Amsterdam am I right? They do pop ups and now feature at festivals in Holland and I’m sure they are only going to get bigger.

I don’t think I need to say anything else to convince you that you need to go but they do play strictly hip hop and RnB so I mean…..and if you love Drake, well as you can see he feature’s a lot too. Only question is has the actual Drake eaten at G’s?

The only thing that could make this brunch joint better is the bottomless option but this was the perfect start to our weekend away! We can’t wait to come back and expect to see even more funky bloody marys.

S & J 💋

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