We Bebrunching

After missing love brunch we were determined to at least go to one rooftop launch party and so BeBrunch happened. FYI we are currently both writing this from Luton airport where we are stuck on delayed plane to Amsterdam #FirstWorldProblems. 

First things first, book the brunch table because making half a ham and cheese toast is last a day is not what you want to be doing. Yes, you heard us right, this is a brunch post where we didn’t actually eat. Thankfully there was no menu online so we don’t have to cry about what we missed out on…saw pics of a burger but nothing else can be confirmed. I mean this was my (Sam) 2nd time going so should have known better but apparently it slipped my mind.

Anyway, it was held in a Members club in Soho called Century. Grand wooden door, 5 story townhouse, great staircase. The rooftop is a big old conservatory with a terrace (could be bigger won’t lie), think gold, white and plants. So we rock up hungover and fuelled with only half a sandwich, ready to fuck shit up. The sun obviously didn’t read the Facebook event properly that this was a rooftop brunch on a bank holiday, and failed to reach temperatures over 11 degrees.

Moët Champagne brunch? Not today. We are proudly stewards of the champagne lifestyle on a house wine budget. Unlike STK everyone at bebrunch made a real effort and thank god because we were graced with presence of a-lister and heartthrob of all girls worldwide, Ed Westwick or many of you will know him as Chuck Bass. YES, take 5 to cool yourselves down ladies. Other semi celebs include half the cast of made in Chelsea who basically became irrelevant once Eddy was spotted.

Heels are necessary in my opinion but as long as your outfit is cute then flats are also fine. We all wore jeans as we did read the forecast and we both more or less wore matching outfits #cute but the summeryer the better as we say.

Now the trick to getting a table and not paying stupid amounts it to get there between 2-3 after brunch dining has finished and sitting outside on the patio area, we suggest picking one with an outdoor heater because it can get chilly but worth it since it’s hard to stand once everyone arrives. Also the heater feels like the sun and that made us happy and confused at the same time.

After we found our seat it was strict people watching and wine glass clinking. The venue is VERY small and there were queues for the bathrooms (obviously) and they won’t let you run in the boys girls, you will be shouted out of there. Maybe we’ve lied, the bathroom queue was bad but the bar wasn’t awful however getting from the bathroom to the bar to the rooftop was



                                                                 earth. There is just not enough space for the amount of people they let in there but the DJ is just the cutest man in the world with the best vibe ever. Music wise we definitely preferred this to Lovebrunch. They were playing some great songs let me tell you and when we got a glimpse of the sun we didn’t want to leave..but then the electric heater turned off and the 11 degrees was so real again.

Overall, our top tips would be:

  • Book the brunch table – but specify that you do not want to be under the booming speakers
  • If you don’t book brunch, don’t come until at least half 2 and eat before
  • Go in a group of at least 8 – it’s definitely a group vibe type of event
  • Don’t wear trainers
  • Look out for Chuck Bass



Oh yeah, this happens too


So these happen once a month and you can get the next brunch event tickets here!

We will definitely be attending again so can’t wait to squish past you there.

S & J 💋

ps. all photos courtesy of Bebrunch’s Facebook page.

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