The Villandry High

Since starting this blog me and Sam sorry, Sam and I have really been pushing every friend to do a bottomless brunch for their birthday because not only is day drinking the best but I mean come on, market research yo.

So last weekend we celebrated Laura’s birthday at Villandry. Now the bday gal had tried it before and promised me great things however, I heard a lot of pastry in the menu and I’m not really a cakey/sweet person more meat and carb kinda gal myself but what the birthday girl wants, the birthday girl gets.

The restaurant was easy to find, a quick 5 min walk from Great Portland Street which is so easy for me as I just get one train all the way there and the weather was glorious so realistically I knew a rooftop would be found after brunch despite me saying all week I was too poor.

When you get to Villandry it is SO CUTE you walk in through a sort of flower selection stall type thing then there was this cute bar and the restaurant splits. In all fairness, finding the hostess with the mostess to take you to the table could’ve been easier but that could’ve been because we were in explore mode. The place itself was full of light and rocked the vintage chic interior well.

So what to eat? cue menu:


The bottomless brunch costs £35, and your two hours start as soon as the first bottle is popped. You get a pastry, choice of main and a slice of cake for dessert.

First the waiter comes round with a pastry basket and you pick one of these, my vote was almond croissant, so doughey, so delicious, so underrated, so divine even though I basically ate all the insides and left the casing of a croissant on a plate.

Then you picked a main. I think between all 8 of us, we went for either the Villandry breakfast or eggs royale – classic. Heres some photo’s ft the eggy mess you saw on our instagram .


Then you got to pick a cake and where we lacked variety in mains, we certainly didn’t in dessert.

I got a deep cupcake because WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?! other cakes we picked were:

  • Moist chocolate cake (I hate the word too but it genuinely was….moi-no)
  • Carrot cake – would’ve been my first choice if the deep cupcake hadn’t been thrown into the mix
  • Villandry Jammie Dodger
  • Lemon tart
  • Lemon and Polenta cake
  • Victoria sponge


Now, what to wear. I would say this is certainly on the dressier end of the casual scale. You wouldn’t stand out in heels and jeans but anything but a day dress is too much.

So the real perks of this brunch were:

  • Prosecco starts two hours after the cork is popped
  • It’s also left on the table in an ice bucket which means it goes twice as fast
  • Friendly staff
  • Loads of dessert choices
  • Fast service
  • The inside of my almond croissant


  • Toilets just don’t have the right lighting to nail a selfie let me tell you

So for £39 inc service charge (£35 without) I would 100% be going back and hopefully you will leave feeling as on top of the world as Jason did.


J 💋

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