STK Champagne Showers

This is the first brunch we have finally been able to go together since Sam got back! All I’m saying is, singular disco ball, oompa loompa’s, LED saxophones and a photobooth.

Apart from the fact that we booked a brunch party on literally the hottest day of the year so far in literally one of the darkest restaurants possible other than Dans Le Noir it really was quite the brunch and quite the party.

First things first

Buy tickets in advance, they’re £25 per person and you get one bottle of champers per pair. If like us, you thought this wasn’t enough, well you’re wrong, and I (Juti) also don’t actually like champagne so I (Sam) had to drink 2/3 of the bottle – no complaints here.

Like any trip to STK, the outfit really needs to be planned, so we thought. We decided to you know dress to compliment each other visually and coordinate for all our fun boomerangs that were taken for our InstaStory. Now the dress code once we got there was really very mixed. We’re talking we saw an all red sports ensemble, a lot of boys in shorts and trainers, I think we also saw a bucket hat…… The girls I would say were generally more dressy, a few trainers but a lot of heels and some really glam outfits. Basically, we did not feel overdressed.


Vibewise, it was Willy Wonka themed. Definitely try and get a seat in the pink side of the restaurant because most of the dancing happens there but I think they were all groups. Music was on point, some passion fruit, some miguel, j cole, the weeknd, ed sheeran, the list goes on but it will have you singing and swinging ma friend. There’s also dancing on tables from the dancers and the diners, small oompa loompa’s just around (that was kinda strange, they were just randomly sitting on peoples table but everyone seemed to like it) and this man with a really fun saxophone that really gets in your face in a good way.



So at a party eating is usually cheating but apparently not on Sunday for me and Sam, no siree. This is what to order if you wanna order too much for two people:

  • STK Burger and Chips
  • Egg Platter
  • Pancakes

The egg platter would have been sufficient we’re telling you, we both felt sick and couldn’t move or shimmy for a good 30mins after eating BUT all of that was only £40, well £50 after service (grrr) which we didn’t think was that bad considering the steak, eggs and chips were £33.






So here are our top tips for the next Champagne brunch:

  • Go with at least 6 people and request to sit in the pink fun party section
  • Don’t wear trainers, come on guys
  • We booked the second sitting and went for a drink before hand at the Peroni pop up in Somerset house – recommend and also Madison for the #SamSun
  • Order the egg platter, the bread dipped in the green eggs benedict sauce – just yes.
  • Be prepared to not look cute in the mirror photobooth cos we watched a lot of people do it…no one nailed it especially not us.

Exhibit A:


We still don’t understand where the camera was positioned.

So keep your eyes peeled for the next Champagne brunch and maybe we’ll have a dance on a table top there!

J & S




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