#TBT The #Avolution

First of all, Samantha’s back!!! In true throw back style, we’ve taken a look at some brunches that have sadly been and gone and picked the one which made us the most sad we missed it.

This brunch made us super sad as we were actually researching what brunches to put on our hitlist and didn’t see the date so got super excited then had our dreams crushed right in front of our eyes.


So we have picked the Avo-Brunch pop up as our brunch that deserves special recognition on this weekly day of remembrance. If you don’t love avocado then you can’t possibly be brunching right. Being the most instgrammed breakfast item and an ingredient that really gets those taste buds going, why wouldn’t we be drooling at the idea of a FIVE COURSE meal dedicated to our beloved avocado. The magical powers of that sweet green ball of goodness to transform any meal and now drink is truly limitless.

Obviously a trendy fruit deserves a trendy venue and this two day pop-up was at Printworks Kitchen in Shoreditch obviously

So what did they have on offer, for £55 because avocado’s ain’t cheap but worth every penny:

First course: Avocado gazpacho with watermelon and basil oil


Second course: Avocado, crab, and coconut pearl barley risotto with pea shoots


Third course: Grilled harissa spiced chicken with avocado salsa, avocado raita, and deep fried avocado in crisp quinoa


Fourth course: Avocado ice cream with almond praline


Fifth course: Avocado dark chocolate mousse with avocado macarons



Cocktail: Avocado margarita


Not only that but you got a grow at home avocado kit!! It just melts our hearts.

All we can say is Br-avocado my friends and we are so sad we missed this so PLEASE @MeredithSquad and @WhirlpoolCorp PLEASE bring this godsend of a brunch back to us! We NEED it in our lives.

In the meantime lets look at more pics of our baby

All photos are from google or event magazine


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