Clerkenwells hidden gem

Hidden off the main streets of Farringdon in its own cute little labyrinthe, J+A Cafe is really the place to brighten up your day. I imagine that for after work drinks when the sky is setting and the fairy lights get turned on, this place is quite magical.



Bit of background on J+A, it’s an Irish cafe who pride them selves on homeliness and freshly baked goodness. They are set in an old diamond cutting factory and is split into 3 parts; the bar, the cafe and a section for al fresco dining which we love!

The cafe was really busy so we sat in the bar which is still really cute. I would describe the vibe as a local cafe in a big city and you really feel like a regular when you eat here and everyone is super friendly.

Menu wise it has loads of baked treats of course but I went for pancakes and my boyfriend ordered Boxty with fried eggs (menu here). Now the pancakes weren’t the best I’d had but they were quite light which is what I wanted because I was quite full already but the boxty /ballymaloe relish, was a sweet bitta dip my friend, I thought it tasted like the cheeseburger relish from McDonald’s but apparently I was wrong. I ordered their ‘smoothie of the day’ with extra mixed berries and although it had spinach in it which put me off a bit, I thought Give it a go, the berries will probably cover the taste and I was right, it was just a really great smoothie for £4.50.







Overall here are our top tips:

  • I would recommend for a cute family visit/ meal and definitely for some summer nights drinking.
  • I would try and get a seat in the cafe section as this looked a bit more lively or outside if it’s warm enough.
  • Order the smoothie
  • Order the relsh on the side of anything and everything
  • Booking not necessary but you can call or email

Let us know if you go and what you thought.

And as always please share any of our articles you like!


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