Shorty got low..Fox-low

On the beautiful sunny weekend I dragged my  boyfriend to Farringdon to try Foxlow for our Saturday brunch to start the weekend right. I’m having a bit of a detox of my life so this weekend was booze free (I know boring) but let’s get right to it.

The basics

  • Foxlow is in Clerkenwell, nearest station being Farringdon (5 min walk)
  • Clerkenwell is super cute, especially in the sun
  • We booked online the Wednesday before

So for our brunch I went jacket free. Yep and I rocked that confusing cold look aka jumper, scarf but sunglasses. I did wear boots though because brunch is not as relaxed as trainer vibe for me because I love food…always make an effort for food…especially if it involves leaving the four walls of my house. For all the lads reading, jeans and a t-shirt is very much fine.

Now the vibe of the restaurant is quite simple, all very tealy blue, cool lights and chandeliers but not a very over the top restaurant, like deffo more casual vibes. The waiter on the other hand was just the most precious human, very attentive, really wanted to make sure I made the right order and explained the menu.


Speaking of menu….


It literally reminded me of home, well not home because I’m born here but my roots, which is technically Thai but they have the same vibe of coffee there. It’s basically iced coffee but with condensed milk – deeeeeelicious, I’d go back purely for the coffee. Bottomless is an option but only for bloody marys so be prepared to spend a bit more if you want that prosecco to keep on coming.


So foodwise we ordered a Foxlow breakfast and I actually went for a veggie option (weird, cos I love bacon) which was this sweet potato and kale hash with an egg on top.  My hash was really delightful, it was really creamy and tasted almost cheesy although it could’ve just been butter but I love cheese so whatever it was it was great! My boyfriend ate his meal in more or less 10 mins so I can only assume it was also up to scratch. Here’s some pics to make you drool.




I really got it from every angle.

So this brunch is definitely one for your mates both boys and girls and even maybe an all boys brunch. My boyfriend was very overexcited about the menu so either he was really hungry or its very appealing for men, mappealing if you will. Our bill came to approximately £35 so it’s not gonna break the bank either!

Visit this link to book: Book me in!

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