Bottomless on a budget in LDN

So this week has been really sad for me. First, Samantha is still in Bali getting browner by the second whilst it’s chucking it down in grotty watty (Watford for anyone who isn’t familiar with it’s famous nickname) and I’m suffering from SAD – not literally but it feels literal.

If you didn’t already know, I love spending money beyond my means and I would literally rather be broke than have FOMO 8.5 times out of 10 but my aim in March and April was to be really calm apart from my weekly brunch so I could save some money for my holidays.

However, LoveBrunch is doing their first Summer Series event at The Mondrian on Saturday and I was more than tempted. It’s in the Rumpus Room which has just been refurbed so I tried to justify this by saying it was market research but the tickets were £32 (£7 being booking fee #wtf) and it doesn’t really include anything after the first hour of free cocktails when the event starts. I’ve been to a few lovebrunch’s before and it’s not one of events you pick to go to if the cash is a bit tight but I love them so next time guys. So at this point I had to accept that it was not possible in my current financial situation to attend 😞😞😞 which led me to look elsewhere to fill my FOMO void.

Being broke in London is a hard life but if you are in a budget and still wanna brunch, I have found some seriously GREAT deals.

I present to you in price order and based on ordering pure prosecco because mixers are cheating….

#01 Groupon – The Captain Cook 


Now this deal seems almost too good to be true. Based in Fulham, this is offering 2 course brunch for two or 2 course brunch for 4 with bottomless prosecco for £26 or £49.  I’ll give you a second to do that maths and take that in because yes..that’s…just over £12 for bottomless prosecco and food.

#02 Time Out Offers – The Dead Doll House


£20 one main, one side and bottomless prosecco/mimosas.  I haven’t actually heard of this place before I saw in it my emails but it looks seriously cool and what a bloody bargain! You need to buy this by the 29th of March though so snap it up quick!

#03 The Piano Works 


I love this place. Samantha actually introduced me to it but I was so hungover when she took me that I couldn’t verbalise how great it was at the time. Being in Farringdon, it’s really easy for me to get to on the Met line despite what I said in my last post about getting lost once out. So every Saturday they do £15 unlimited prosecco and you can order dishes separately starting from just £5.50. On top of this you get live music so definitely get this booked in asap!

#04 Drink, Shop, Do 


Bottomless board games, bagels and prosecco..what more could you want. This is a chilled, fun brunch for a casual day out that won’t break the bank. Costing only £25 and located in Kings Cross there is no way you’ll be leaving hungry or sober.

#05 Suburb SW11 Bar & Dining


So I actually heard of this on the Business Insider which has a really great article listing out a hella lotta brunches but I looked into this and the website is very clear, simple and to the point just like their menuSo for £27.50 you can get 2 courses and bottomless bubbles, what a great deal!

#06 The Exhibit


Now this restaurant does £20 bottomless prosecco and promises to be the best in Balham. With a extensive all day menu all you have to do is order one main to get some bottomless bubbles and these start from £7.75.

#07 Mommi


Now this is really quite a bargain and if you have seen this restaurant on Instagram the food looks DIVINE. For £29.50 you can get 3 courses and bottomless prosecco for 1.5 hours you will be rolling out of the joint.

So we all know it’s coming to the end of the month and that pay cheque is running drrrrrryyyyyyy but don’t let that stop you, get over humpday by getting drowned under endless prosecco.

Cheers 🥂🥂🥂

p.s. these photos aren’t mine but hopefully mine will be just as great when I try these out!

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