Bourne to make you happy

Now if you have googled “best brunches in London” as much as I have, you will have definitely heard of B&H and seen the photos of their botanist bliss. Last weekend we finally  got a chance to try their bottomless brunch and we were more than impressed.

First, the vibe.

I would say that this is probably more of a girls brunch although, the table who had booked after us were all boys. I say this because everything in the building is just very cute. They’ve really nailed the whole odd furniture, clashing patterns but looks really intentional and really great interior. Music vibes….I’m not sure I can even remember hearing music but I’m sure it was there, the place was quite busy and we were really hungry/ready to get drunk so we didn’t really notice which is probably a good thing.


Now the dress code.

I would say this is slightly nicer than casual and I would use the Glam Casual dress code again. I would probably say it’s a Zara vibe in there like I wore heeled boots, ripped jeans and a t shirt which isn’t thaaaat dressy but I had red lipstick so it’s all about balance. We saw a few girls in heels and jeans so I would say strappy heels and jeans is the limit of dressy you need to be wearing otherwise you will probably get people commenting on how dressed up you are for broad daylight.


Location-wise, it’s not far from Farringdon station at all, it said a 7-10min walk but my phone couldn’t quite navigate me there and I was running late so I paid for and overpriced uber..well not overpriced, but £5 for 4mins so I’m still quite sad about that. But it is definitely walkable so give yourself about 10 mins extra so that your maps has time to have a fit before it starts working properly.

and finally, the good stuff…FOOD and DRANK

Everything on the menu is around the £10 mark which when you’re paying £18 for bottomless Bellini’s or Bloody Mary’s is not that bad – yeah no straight prosecco here which is probably best for me since last time I ended up looking like this at half 5 in the afternoon.


I am both impressed and disgusted at myself and fully recommend not being half an hour late to a brunch and downing 6 bottles of prosecco in an hour.


We tried the huevos benedict, regular benedict and B&H Breakfast. Now I wouldn’t say we’re greedy girls but we certainly don’t have small stomachs and one dish was enough to fill us up. I think the juice in the prosecco definitely took up some room. I was tempted to share some drop scones because they looked divine but we literally couldn’t have been paid to eat that we were so full.



BOOK THIS BRUNCH IN ADVANCE – it gets really busy and it’s really popular so I would book between 3 weeks to a month in advance at least. But obviously they have the occassional table free on short notice

You get 1.5 hours from your booking time so get there 15 mins early

The toilets have bath tubs as sinks, not gonna change your life, but quite a fun addition.

Ask for less juice/puree in the bellini and mix it well of you get the gross bitty stuff at the bottom.


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